Domestic violence is the single greatest cause of injury to women, and approximately 22% of women in the United States have reported being physically assaulted by an intimate partner.


Threats, insults and humiliation can be as damaging as physical abuse because it can destroy a woman’s self-worth, independence, and further insure that she is more likely to stay in the relationship because she believes she does not have control, and is not worthy of anything better.


Sexual assault is when you are forced to be involved in any type of sexual activity against your will and includes touching, vaginal, anal or oral penetration, sexual intercourse (or attempted intercourse) and of course any kind of child molestation. Women are more at risk of being sexually assaulted by someone they know, rather than by a stranger.


Studies have shown that of the children who are in a home where there is intimate partner violence, 90% of them are exposed to this abuse. When children are exposed to any type of violence in the home, they become more likely to engage in angry and violent behavior, and may find themselves when they are adults also victims of abuse.



The Women Against Violence mission is to stop the cycle-of-abuse against women thru prevention and education.


  • To reach out to women of all ages, cultural & ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • To educate the community about violence against women
  • To educate women and men about the different types of abuse; the signs, symptoms and how to get help
  • To empower women so that they can avoid abusive and violent relationships
  • To be a resource of information for women who are being, or have been abused


Domestic violence is often more than just physical abuse. It encompasses sexual, emotional, economic and psychological violence.

Brooklyn Counseling Services has therapists that specialize in Domestic Violence that can help in your recovery.

Supportive Counseling

We provide supportive, ongoing counseling services for the duration of your recovery from mental or physical violence or abuse. We listen without judgement and we work with you to develop healthy coping skills when respond to challenging situations.

Trauma Counseling

Treating mental health trauma effectively is critical to the healing process. Our specialized Domestic Violence Counselors are New York State-licensed mental health professionals focused on treating trauma reactions that many victims of crime and abuse experience.


 Call: (718) 232-8600 or go to www.bcsnygroup.com

After opening Brooklyn Women’s Center in 1995, I realized that medical support is not only what women need, but that emotional support is crucial.

I decided to create WAV twenty years ago to give women a place where they would feel they weren’t alone. Whether they were in an emotional or physically abusive relationship, felt a need for hope or change in  their lives or just need someone they can relate to, WAV is a platform that helps women seek resources, share their stories and ask questions that they would be afraid to ask directly and not feel alone.

Dr Nicoletta Pallotta


If you are in immediate danger, call 911.



Nothing helps shift your energy more than hearing another woman’s story of Re-Invention.

Now you can share your story with others first hand and know that you have company in your own life adventure.


“Whether it is an unhappy relationship, a job, losing weight, loss of a loved one, surviving domestic violence, or going through a divorce, etc., the purpose of The Re-Invention Project is to empower women to achieve their goal and also to provide a platform for women share their stories of survival and change.

My hope is that by woman coming together and sharing their stories on how they Re-Invented themselves, will encourage and inspire others. Sharing your vulnerability in itself gives you power. Saying it out loud begins the healing process. Please share your story with us…”

Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta MD, LCSW-R




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If you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault and need immediate assistance, please call 911

New York City Domestic Violence Bilingual Hotline: 1800 621 HOPE (1800 621 4673)